Title: We Have A Winner
Author: brandifer

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Category: Drabble challenge - pumpkin
Rating: G
Content Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I make no claims on these characters except to hold them and pet them and feed them *every day*.  ;-)

Author's notes: My very first fanfic (if you can even call it that), anywhere, ever. Posted to Jackfic list 10/10/04 in response to the weekly drabble challenge. It's a little more than a drabble but not even a ficlet. Let's call it a plus-size drabble.


Daniel gave the question a moment's thought. "Danny Bananny", he said,rolling his eyes. "Fifth grade, every single day, on the playground,
don't even ask me why."

"Teal'c?" Jack said as he continued to stir the fire.

Daniel got the feeling Teal'c was unenthusiastic about this game. The jaffa looked at them slowly before speaking. "Honoshton." The others
remained silent.  "It refers to… manliness. I was called this in my early training, by the one who I would later best to become First Prime."

The others nodded in appreciation.

"Jack?" Daniel cocked his head towards the older man.

"Easy. 'Jackie Boy'. My grandfather, a million times, every chance he got to annoy me." This earned him chuckles, but not necessarily the pot.

All eyes turned to Sam, who had remained silent since wagering her last bag of M&Ms.

"Hmm." She took a deep breath, closed her eyes.  "Pumpkin." The men winced in unison. "By my father the General," she paused for effect, "in front of the Joint Chiefs at my first briefing at the Pentagon."

She looked at her teammates one by one, giving them a moment to digest the image.  Then she simply held out her hand, palm up.

Teal'c collected the wagers and placed them in her hand. "You have won this contest MajorCarter, as surely as I am certain your father was the loser of that one."